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Chichester is an attractive small historic city, set between the South Downs and the south coast.

With many attractions in the city and around for a short stay, Chichester is easily reached by car or train from London. Its encircling walls, dating back 2000 years to Roman origins, frame the city centre, and provide a scenic way to enjoy the city and its attractive surrounds.

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Chichester Cathedral

Planning your visit

The walls ramparts are easy to access at various points round the city and quite safe for both young and elderly. The access points and routeways are clearly waymarked and there are helpful information panels all the way round the 1.5 mile circuit. The route passes fascinating sights and attractive parks, and there is much to see and explore throughout your walk, whether you are looking across the city or outwards towards the Downs or the sea. You can then follow up with a visit to specific city attractions and to the new museum, which is rich in artefacts which help tell the history of this fascinating place.

For school parties, or study groups of any age and stage, Chichester’s walls tell a 2000 year story of the city and area,, covering the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans, the troubled medieval and Civil war periods, and the development of local trade and industry over the centuries since. From the walls students can observe a thousand years of architecture, from 11th century cathedral and castle through 18th century Georgian townscape, to 20th century developments, or they can follow natural history trails through parks and gardens, or they can find interesting scenes to sketch or unusual features for a quiz.

Why not hire a knowledgeable local tour guide to show you or your group around the city via the walls? With their expertise and experience they can add so much to your visit, and tailor it to your specific interests and agenda. Contact us to find out more about how to arrange your own personalised tour, or to find out how you can fit your group visit in with our regular programme of guided tours.